Come here for once in a lifetime experiences, like rhino safari, a temple ceremony, hiking to Everest, Himalayan river rafting and taking a helicopter around the world’s highest mountains.

Explore Nepal

8000-metre mountains stand to attention. Enchanting Buddhist villages invite you for a cup of tea. Jungles reveal elephants and surprises. Nepal is one of the world’s greatest outdoor destinations, but it’s not a luxury travel destination. Be prepared to leave some of your Western comforts at home, some of the time, because places like Mount Everest don’t have five-star hotels.

Getting here and around

Capital city Kathmandu has flight connections to Dubai, Doha and Istanbul, so getting here should be a two-leg flight. Combining Nepal with India or Bhutan is something to consider if you have enough time. Getting around Nepal often involves your two feet, as this is the trekking paradise of the world. But to get into the mountains you’ll be best with domestic flights and helicopters.

Climate & seasons

Nepal has clearly defined trekking seasons and it’s recommended to stick to these. The first is March to May, the second September to mid-November. Winter is too cold in the Himalayas and the summer is too wet due to the monsoon. While Kathmandu is warm and humid for most of the year, you need high quality gear when visiting the Himalayas, because temperatures can really plummet when you’re 5000 metres above sea level.

Where to go

Kathmandu was a charming old city but so much was destroyed in a 2015 earthquake. Nowadays it’s part dusty ruin and part dusty construction site. Exploring Nepal is all about the mountains, because there are no other mountains like the Nepalese Himalayas, home of eight of the world’s 14 8000-metre mountains. Everest is the most famous region to go trekking. Annapurna is also very impressive but now very popular and crowded. So if it’s not Everest, consider Nepal’s upcoming destinations, like Manaslu, Langtang and Upper Mustang. And when you’re done trekking, go to Chitwan National Park for a safari with rhinos and elephants.

What to do

This is a deeply spiritual country and you can enjoy beautiful Buddhist experiences in temples and villages. Also, getting so close to rhinos makes the safari in Chitwan really good. But if you’re not trekking, it’s probably better to holiday elsewhere. Because when the trekking is so good, you may forget about the lack of comfort on offer. Nepal’s mountains don’t have five-star hotels and whether it’s a teahouse or a tent, this is an adventure destination, not a place of luxuries.

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