Explore parts of Africa still to be explored. Zambia is raw and rugged, the Africa of your imagination, a destination that blissfully goes under the radar. New camps and lodges are putting Zambia on par with some of the best safaris in Africa.

Explore Zambia

Into the wilderness you go. Embrace the adventure and tune your senses to something new. Dip your feet into a cooling river as elephants paint the horizon. Sleep beneath the stars as zebras graze nearby. Walk with four-legged giants. The wildlife and safari can be as good as neighbours Tanzania and Botswana. But you won’t find safari vehicles crowded around an animal sighting. You’ll find it’s just you and your guides in this upcoming destination.

Getting here and around

Emirates and Qatar have daily flights to the capital Lusaka, from Dubai and Doha. Another option is to take Kenya Airways to Livingstone. Use safari flights to get around Zambia. It’s the fastest and most convenient option. For some destinations it’s the only option.

Climate & seasons

We only recommend travelling to Zambia between June and November. Many safari camps and lodges close outside these months, as a mixture of heavy rain and wild terrain makes access impossible. June to September is best, as it is cooler and you can still see water at Victoria Falls. During these months it will be warm, dusty and comfortable.

Where to go

Zambia embodies the truth that every safari destination is different. Witness the majesty of Victoria Falls. Follow the Zambezi River to Lower Zambezi National Park, for a safari in the wetlands. Go west to Kafue and Liuwa Plains, savannah and grassland areas that are still being discovered. Luangwa in the north is one of Africa’s top safari destinations, especially for its walking and nighttime safaris. Then in the south you can visit Victoria Falls.

What to do

Zambia is an amazing destination for a second-time visit to Africa. It’s not where you go for a classic big-five safari and see all the famous animals in a small area, such as South Africa. Instead, Zambia is where you can get closer to rarer wildlife and create wilder adventures. It’s the best place in Africa for walking safaris. Nighttime game drives are the norm, not an add on. You’ll experience the most remarkable scenes, from very close quarters, rather than an overview of the biggest and most famous animals.

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