Jordan is a small country packed with incredible attractions. The experience is immersive, the people are welcoming, and there are five-star hotels to make your stay comfortable.

Explore Jordan

Red desert surrounds you in silence. The Nabatean city of Petra envelops you in wonder. In an abandoned Roman city you marvel at a different history. At the Dead Sea you float and at the Red Sea you snorkel and dive. Few other countries can offer so much accessible exploration and world wonder, in only a week of travel.

Getting here and around

Direct flights now connect Prague with Amman, Jordan’s capital. It’s only one hour by road from Amman to the Dead Sea resorts. Aqaba is a small international airport in the south, with growing connections to Europe, a good option so you don’t need to double back to Amman. You get around Jordan with a private car and driver. Journeys between key destinations and attractions are rarely more than three hours. Don’t hire a car. The road signs are in Arabic, you’ll get lost in the desert, and Jordanian city driving is not for tourists.

Climate & seasons

Spring is the number one time to visit, as the climate is comfortable across the whole country and the north is covered in flowers. September to November are also very good times to visit. Summer is hot in Petra and Wadi Rum, but okay at the coastal resorts. Winter is quiet and okay for exploring, less so for stays at the Red Sea and Dead Sea.

Where to go

Petra is the standout and you need at least two days to explore even half of this world seven wonder. Wadi Rum is two hours south of Petra, a spectacular desert experience. Aqaba and the Red Sea beach resorts are another hour south. Amman is an interesting capital city but won’t hold your interest for more than a day. Jerash, one hour north of Amman, is the best preserved Roman city in the world, absolutely worth a day trip. The Dead Sea resorts are close to Amman in north Jordan. The Dead Sea to Petra takes three hours on the incredible King’s Highway.

What to do

Jordan offers the perfect mix of quiet coastal resort time and real adventure. Float in the Dead Sea and enjoy the facilities at one of the Middle East’s largest spas. Explore history in Jordan’s north, like Jerash and other Roman ruins plus the Moorish castles. Get lost in Petra, immersed in a huge ancient city carved into sandstone rock. Spend a night or two in the desert, beneath the stars, amid camels and silence. The Red Sea is a classic beach resort destination, with good diving and snorkelling as well.

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