A stunning island of cultural treasures, diverse landscapes and its own very distinctive vibe. Sicily has been trending for a few years now and is becoming a great destination in spring and autumn, as well as summer.

Explore Sicily

Close to two-and-a-half millennia ago Plato remarked, “Sicilians build things like they will live forever and eat like they will die tomorrow”. After a few days wandering the ancient lanes of or engorging yourself on meal after sublime meal, as you sit in the shadow of Mt Etna raise a glass to the revered philosopher and congratulate him on his astute observations. This ancient island has been home to civilizations and empires, absorbed influences and cultures but always remained very much unique.

Getting here and around

Sicily’s two airports – Palermo and Catania – are connected to many European hubs. Those arriving from further afield will likely first have to transfer via Rome. Driving and parking on the island are a stressful experience so we recommend a chauffeured car. Intercity journeys are most likely quickest via train, which also offers the benefit of quite spectacular views. A private yacht trip around the winding coastline is as rewarding and relaxing as you’d imagine.

Climate & seasons

July and August is peak season and is not recommended for those who don’t handle the heat well, as it gets toasty. Remember Sicily is a good distance south of mainland Italy. May, June, September and even October are ideal. The temperatures are warm without boiling, these months are a great time for sightseeing and outdoor experiences like golf. Winter is off-season and it gets a bit cold at around 10ºC but this can be a great time to get a more local experience and see the sights without the crowds.

Where to go

Stroll in awe at the architectural splendour of ancient Palermo, a city that blends Byzantine with Baroque, and adds an air of the Arab souk to the action. Be enchanted by Taormina’s ancient walls and winding lanes. Marvel at the Teatro Antico, an ancient amphitheatre with towering Mt Etna as one of the cast of characters. Delve back into civilisation past with a trip to the ruins of Syracuse, Selinunte and Motya. Explore inland villages and take a wine tasting or cooking class to better discover the epicurean wonderland of local produce and specialities. Set sail to the protected Aeolian Islands, or become an adventurer for a day and scale the heights of Mt Etna.

What to do

Sicily has it all. Such a richness of historic towns and ancient ruins that even the most voracious history buff will be satiated. Stunning beaches on which to relax. A world-class golf course at Verdura Resort. Food experiences galore, enough to match any taste, from wine tasting to street food tours to cooking with Michelin-starred chefs. A dreamy coastline ideal for sailing slowly along by private yacht. Mt Etna, one of the world’s most iconic volcanoes on the doorstep of your hotel, ideal as a backdrop to photos but also to climb. If that sounds like too much effort, why not fly over by helicopter or explore by four-wheel drive.

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