Glorious white-sand beaches on beautiful islands, where there’s loads to experience for couples and families. The Seychelles reflect the perception of paradise. We love how these Indian Ocean islands will surprise you.

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Beach holiday in Seychelles

How about the most spectacular sunset-bathed golf course on the planet? Or yacht charters and deep sea fishing? With a mix of private island resorts and large islands full of experiences, the Seychelles suits many of our clients. And because the best time to go differs from the Maldives, you have optimal Indian Ocean bliss when you want it most.

Getting here and around

There are direct flights to Mahe from Zurich or Frankfurt, plus good connections through Doha with Qatar Airways, or Dubai with Emirates. Mahe is the largest island and transfers to smaller islands by speedboat, helicopter or small plane.

Climate & seasons

The Seychelles is warm and tropical every day of the year. However the best months to visit are April, May, October and November. The weather is most pleasant during these months. December to March is the most humid period of the year, with occasional cyclones hitting the outer islands of the archipelago. June to September is dry and windy, especially along some coasts and islands, so resort location is very important. These months are also peak season along with Christmas and New Year.

Where to go

Of the 115 islands most visitors only see the largest and busiest, Mahe, home to the international airport and most resorts. Explore a little further to Praslin, a beautiful nearby island with the country’s only golf course. La Digue has incredible beaches but no good hotels, so it’s a popular daytrip option. All beaches in Seychelles are public, except for the private island resorts. So for genuine exclusivity we suggest you travel away from Mahe, to outlying islands like North, Fregate, Desroches and Felicite.

What to do

Beautiful beaches and villas naturally lend themselves to a relaxed holiday, but the Seychelles can really surprise. It’s amazing for an active holiday, with activities for every age and mood. In particular, our clients love the deep sea fishing and the country’s one spectacular golf course, on Praslin Island. Consider a yacht charter to the outer islands, or around southern Mahe, as it combines snorkelling, fishing and untouched bays. With local partners we offer a yacht charter to a protected nesting site for hawksbill turtles, on Cousin Island, a real one-in-a-lifetime experience for a family travelling with us.

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