From the historic architecture inhabiting towns, to its stunning fjord landscapes, Norway holds much beauty to adore. Europe's finest nature awaits and it's complimented by great places to stay.

Explore Norway

Explore the rich terrains of this vast nation, where animal encounters exede your wildest dreams. Follow mountain lanes to an untouched world of glaciers. Later, your eco-conscious hotel overlooks these same scenes. Outdoor excursions here will appease the active holidayer. Luxurious Scandi suites are ready for those who wish to lounge. Sample seafood of the finest quality. Pair traditional recipes with aged wine and tales.

Getting here and around

With countless direct flights from Europe and North America, flying into Oslo or Bergen is typically a breeze. However, if you plan to go north, a connecting flight or a private jet may be needed. The best way to travel upon arrival is by car. Self-drive itineraries offer great flexibility, though you may wish to hire a driver who’s familiar with the roads and already knows all the top spots to take you. The uniqueness of the nation’s long coast also makes cruises a popular choice.

Climate & seasons

June to August is ideal for the fjords and outdoors. Expect activities like hiking, biking and kayaking in abundant supply. For sightings of the northern lights, November to February is most supreme, when the arctic region is in darkness for 20 hours per day. The polar night phenomenon is also in season (i.e. no sun for over 24 hours). Those wishing to experience this should prepare for temperatures as cold as minus 20. Meanwhile, May and September promise mild temperatures with a tempting chance to escape the crowds.

Where to go

City fans can enjoy Oslo or Bergen, though only a few days are really needed in each. Beyond quaint Bergen, the famed fjords start - easily the busiest area and favourite among visitors. This stretch carries on until Alesund, and is perfect for road trips lasting one to two weeks. North of Alesund is the Atlantic Ocean Road, one of the most scenic lanes on the planet. Further north still and you’ll reach the Lofoten Island peninsula. And if this still isn’t enough, true explorers should head to untamed Svalbard, a 3-hour flight north of Oslo.

What to do

Europe’s finest nature can be found in Norway. It comes in the form of steep fjords, frosted peaks and glaciers galore. Marvels like the midnight sun and northern lights are also easy to see. Furthermore, the north is opportune for spotting whales, polar bears and dogsledding safaris. Small scenic towns also dot the land. Here, you can discover Viking history and local cuisine. Finally, there’s a plethora of special stays. Far from your typical 5* hotels, Scandi properties propel hygge ambience, homely materials and sustainability. Incredible treehouses and glamping, too, are at your disposal.

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