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There’s more than the bright and famous in London and a new experience awaits, every time you visit. So jump in and explore, because London is as authentic and intimate as any world city.

Explore London

An eccentric city, lauded throughout history, throbbing with both the iconic and the alternative. Flashy skyscrapers, labyrinthine alleys, regal hotels, afternoon tea, the juxtaposition of opulent stores and grungy, graffiti-ridden pop-up boutiques. London is incomparable, but which side are you going to experience? The funky neighbourhoods of the east, elegant townhouses of the west, or world-famous sights in the centre? Old London, royal London, party London or hidden London?

Getting here and around

Both London Heathrow and London Gatwick airports have direct flight connections to most of the world. They’re both around 45-60 minutes away from city centre hotels. London Stansted is further away and less convenient. When flying on a private jet London City is the central option, Biggin Hill an alternative. Private transfers and black taxis are the easy way to get around, especially when you’re travelling outside the centre. London is so well connected to the rest of England, especially by high-speed rail, making destinations like Oxford, Bath, Windsor and Canterbury comfortable day trips.

Climate & seasons

The UK is famous for wet weather but London is among the warmest and driest parts of the country. You can’t rely on the weather here but you can rely on something interesting to do, every day of the year. Summers are sultry and the only time to explore London’s parks, just note that the city is packed with tourists in July and August.

Where to go

The global icons and tourist hotspots are mostly in Central London, which is surprisingly compact. Beyond this, London is a jigsaw puzzle of distinct neighbourhoods, each with its quirks and style. In general, North London is elegant and leafy, not much to do but beautiful to walk around. East London is creative and funky, with working class neighbourhoods transformed into the trendy places to be. West London is grand and glamorous, where the richest and most famous hang out. South London is colourful and underrated, quickly becoming the new hangout for cool kids.

What to do

London is the quintessential city experience. Locals love it because they discover new things to do, everytime they leave their house. It’s a city where you benefit immensely from good guides, because what’s hot is changing every week and there will always be a side of London to suit your mood. The famous sights are amazing but crowded and touristic, so be sure to balance these with the rich tapestry of culture and experience in areas beyond the centre. The question is genuinely, what do you want to do?

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