Hilltop villages encircled by sunflowers, winding avenues of cypresses leading to meticulously restored villas. Sometimes it's all too magical to believe real. The world can take a lesson from this poetic corner of Italy, for millennia the local inhabitants of Tuscany have lived in harmony with the landscape, coaxing the gentle rolling valleys into doing their will without ruining the beauty of the surroundings. If only the entire planet looked like Tuscany we would be a happier people. Visit for a week, but leave a piece of your heart behind forever.

Explore Tuscany

Tuscany has two airports, Pisa which has the most European connections and Florence. Rome is connected worldwide and is just a 2-3 hour drive from southern Tuscany. A Tuscan road trip is a truly marvellous experience and by far the best way to explore the magical countryside. Paying homage to Italy’s supercar heritage and driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini is the way to do it in style. Should Italy’s roads make you a little nervous then a chauffeured car is the next best option. For short jaunts, a Vespa is incredible fun. And for the quickest transfers with the most spectacular views, a helicopter is your friend.

Climate & seasons

Tuscany has a relatively long season, the best time to visit is anytime between April to October. July and August will see a peak in terms of visitors, rates and heat – but as this is a region and not a city none of these are inescapable. Spring and Autumn are very pleasant but sometimes it might not be quite hot enough to enjoy the beach/pool.

Where to go

Tuscany is rightly famous worldwide for the beauty of its rolling countryside and the richness of its historic towns. Everyone knows Florence and Pisa, many will know Siena too, but the joy of this region is that no matter how much you know in advance, or even how many times you’ve visited before, it will still surprise and delight you. Monteriggioni, Pienza, Cortona, San Gimignano and Volterra, each one of these beauties would be the envy of most countries, in Tuscany, they are just one among many. What about Montalcino, Montepulciano and Val d’Orcia? The list goes on. Oh, and don’t forget the vine-laden hamlets of Chianti for that glass of wine.

What to do

The absolute joy of Tuscany is being able to get lost and knowing no matter which direction you go you will find treasure. If you have the nerve for the winding roads then a Tuscan road trip is an absolute must, whether it's by supercar or by Vespa. Avoid the roads entirely and gallop across the fields on horseback or soar above the cypresses by hot-air balloon. The means isn’t important but just make sure you get out into the sublime countryside. Base yourself in a private villa, stunning rural hotel or refurbished 1,000-year-old castle. Indulge yourself in local wine and food. Everyone leaves Tuscany as an epicure. Oh, and play a round of golf or two while you're at it.

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