Oman is a gem, an authentic Arab country largely unspoilt by the modernity of the Emirates. Just ask those of our clients who for years travelled to Dubai, then decided to try somewhere else.

Explore Oman

Old Muscat still feels like a fishing village. Besides the solitude of the desert, you will find empty beaches all along the coast, and inland hikes will reveal secluded spots by clear mountain rivers. Add traditional souks, old mosques and historical fortresses, and you begin to see why Oman is the place to go for a real Arabian experience.

Getting here and around

Oman’s two main airports are in Muscat and Salalah. As direct international flights are not numerous, travellers usually connect via Dubai or Doha. Another option to enter the country is by road from the Emirate of Dubai – it’s a five-hour drive from the city of Dubai to Muscat. The northern Omani exclave of Musandam can be accessed by road from Dubai, and by air or ferry from Muscat. Once in Oman, there’s not much in the way of public transport, so your best option to move around is by car. The roads are excellent – just beware that if you are used to European or American traffic, Omani traffic can feel rather wild.

Climate & seasons

Unless you are comfortable with temperatures that can go up to 50°C, avoid visiting Muscat from May to September. It’s best to go from October to April, when the average temperature is 27°C during the day and falls sharply at night, reaching down to 15°C. Some people find the sea water is not warm enough for swimming then – but you might feel differently. In the mountains, temperatures are always around 15°C cooler than in Muscat, and in winter it can even snow on the higher peaks.

Where to go

To start with, visit the capital city of Muscat – including Old Muscat, which is a 20-minute drive away from the modern city. If you are in a beach mood, spend a few days at the Musandam Governorate on the coast, or fly south to our favourite beach destination, Salalah. If you prefer mountain adventure, drive into the imposing Al Hajar Mountains. At these four destinations, you will find high-end hospitality.

What to do

On the coast, bask on the warm sand, snorkel and dive to see marine life, go on a dolphin-watching cruise, visit fishermen villages, and sail into the flaming sunset on board a traditional Omani dhow. Inland, trek the rocky hills to find hidden oasis, and bathe in the clear waters of seasonal mountain rivers. Go luxury camping in the desert and see the desert sky studded with more stars than you ever imagined could exist. Take guided tours of ancient fortresses and archaeological sites, and discover a rich history that includes Portuguese influence and an empire extending all the way to Zanzibar.

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