United States

Resonant cityscapes and wilderness retreats. Great open roads and vibrant urban delights. A massive country of contrasts, the birthplace of icons, and a holiday destination like no other. The great American experience is the America you wish to experience, from legendary cities to unknown landscapes, following a foodie trail to an immersion in the arts, bright lights in big cities to being alone beneath starry skies. The USA is more of a continent than a country. It has so many destinations and moods, so many travel stories waiting to be created.

Explore United States

New York is a direct flight away and just about everywhere in the States is reachable on a two-leg flight from Central Europe. While almost all destinations are connected by flights, the USA is also an incredible road trip destination.

Climate & seasons

It’s impossible to generalise the climate, because even in a single state like California the winter can simultaneously mean beachside sunbathing, mist-enshrouded city streets and ski slopes. There are great American destinations for every month of the year and we can advise you specifically for each destination you want to visit.

Where to go

Legendary cities need little introduction and they’re all so different - New York, Boston, Las Vegas, San Francisco. California and Florida are ideal starter destinations, reflecting a full variety of American experiences. For beach holidays it’s hard to beat Hawaii. For wild new experiences try Alaska. Explorers will love some of the Western states, like Wyoming, Montana and Utah. They’re a celebration of magnificent nature meeting the five-star experience.

What to do

This single country can be any holiday. Shopping, arts, sports, vineyards, beach breaks or hopping through the multitude of cuisines. If it’s possible it’s probably doable in the United States, from glamping by private jet to meeting a-listers at Vegas parties. Let your imagination run free because the USA rewards the dreaming traveller.

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