Far from being a one stop destination for a few days, Cambodia is a well rounded holiday choice for all explorers, with the biggest highlight being the engaging and enigmatic people.

Explore Cambodia

Temples of carved stone and intrigue. Islands of golden sand and solitude. Hidden stories of art, fashion, culture and artisanal crafts. Cambodia rightly attracts fame for Angkor, the magnificent remains of Khmer kingdoms sprawling across the jungle. But it’s evolving into an outstanding luxury destination for many other reasons as well. Among these is a remarkably unique collection of new five-star hotels, from the world’s most interesting hoteliers.

Getting here and around

Siem Reap and Phnom Penh are the two international airports, the former being most convenient for the majority of travellers. There are regular flights from various hub cities in Asia, such as Bangkok, but Qatar is among the airlines scheduled to start direct flights from further afield. Get around Cambodia by private jet, helicopter, or on interesting but long journeys by road.

Climate & seasons

Cambodia is a great winter destination. November to March is warm and dry, the best months to travel. April to June is very warm and humid. July to October is warm, humid and often wet.

Where to go

Angkor is unmissable but most people miss a lot of this vast site. Angkor Wat is just one of many temple complexes and you can comfortably enjoy three to four days exploring the jungle and history here. Siem Reap is your base for Angkor, but temples are just one thing to discover in the area. Capital city Phnom Penh is busy and captivating while Song Saa island is a private barefoot retreat. Then there are new and emerging explorer destinations across the country.

What to do

Cambodia can be appropriated as a personal holiday playground. Arrive by private jet for a personal fashion show by a designer who does shows in New York and Paris fashion weeks. Do a rainforest patrol with a ranger in Kirirom National Park. Zipline to a luxury lodge. Interact with communities who live in Angkor. Discover dance, art, beaches and boutiques. Most of all, Cambodia is a destination where you have time to make conversations and connections with remarkable people, who were relevant then and are relevant now.

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