Dazzling landscapes set the scene. Long golden beaches without footprints. Rice paddies cascading through the rural north. Iconic karst formations like Halong Bay. Explore a little deeper and you discover a country with 54 different tribes, hundreds of unique experiences and thousands of serendipitous moments. Visiting Vietnam is not about the remnants of a long-gone war. It’s a cultural immersion in a rapidly developing destination, from dynamic cities to hill tribe villages, centuries of contrasting influences to singular experiences that you will only find in Vietnam.

Explore Vietnam

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are the two main international hubs, with connections to Southeast Asia and beyond. Domestic flights are helpful for connecting destinations as the famous Reunification Cxpress train is slow and not so comfortable. Helicopters and seaplanes are great for accessing remote destinations and some people love an off-road motorbike adventure in the north.

Climate & seasons

Vietnam has multiple weather systems, from snowy northern mountains to sun-soaked southern beaches. In general, November to March are excellent months, because across the country it’s warm enough for beach days, dry enough for exploring and not overly humid anywhere. It’s never a bad time to visit Vietnam so ask us about other months of the year, as the climate can influence where you decide to go.

Where to go

This is a destination that would take years to fully discover, a destination for living your own explorer’s journey. Hanoi and Halong Bay are well connected in the northeast. Hoi An is a delightful stop in the heart of the country. Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) combines with beach destinations in the south. But that’s a very simplistic overview and new five-star hotels are making many more destinations accessible for luxury travel.

What to do

Vietnam is a big country, an open canvas for explorers wishing to experience the unique. Take a seaplane over Halong Bay then cruise through the karst in a private jacuzzi. Hike, bike, wander the backstreets and be alone on wild beaches. Meet artists, photographers, war heroes, famed chefs, tribal chiefs and the people who are shaping Vietnam today. It’s very rare to come here and not go home with long-lasting friendships, with people who shared something unthinkable.

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