Rome Cooking Experience with Michelin-Star Chef


Wrap yourself in the gastronomic spoils of classic Italy, with an exclusive two-hour cooking experience in the heart of Rome. Beside a Michelin-starred chef, traditional specialties are most enriching, for it is here that familiar flavours welcome in new twists and turns.

Arrive at the highly-acclaimed Assaje restaurant, and meet your local comrade. Chef Lorenzo Di Gravio is as talented as he is charismatic, and this pervades as he shows you to your workstation. Apron and hat assembled and paper and pen in hand, you listen avidly as he introduces you to recipes seeping with culture and mouth-watering life.

Discover your mentor’s secrets, and experiment with proven techniques using fresh ingredients. Together, prepare one-of-a-kind dishes that end in a ravishing three-plate feast. Finally, take your seat in the elegant dining room and sample your culinary creations. Paired masterfully with a glass of wine, recline as you take in the luxurious garden views below.

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