Basque Country


A secret side to Spain awaits you along the Basque Country coast, where shoreline views are pristine and verdant landscapes stretch. Secluded from the masses, these rugged backdrops are yours. Discover a culture that predates the Romans. Immerse yourself in their proud heritage through gastronomy, architecture and dance. It may not be what you imagine when you think of classic Espana, but that’s exactly what makes it special.

Explore Basque Country

The biggest airport is in the city of Bilbao, however it can be tricky to find a direct flight, therefore most visitors fly via Barcelona or Madrid. If you can afford it, private jet transfers are easily the most convenient. Once there, chauffeured car travel is best to visit the many gems this region has to offer.

Climate & seasons

Nestled between mountainous hills and the North Atlantic coast, the weather in Basque is temperamental and unique, and it does rain quite a bit. That being said, July and August still afford the joys of a sunny summer in Spain. June and September are also warm, not as wet and come with the added perks of cheaper prices and less crowds.

Where to go

The region’s two biggest cities are Bilbao and San Sebastian. Each propels a dose of history, culture and fine dining, with Michelin-starred restaurants scattered throughout, especially in San Sebastian. Wine lovers will appreciate the renowned local offerings coming out of La Rioja. Finally, Basque is a great access point for a day trip to Biarritz or Saint Jean de Luz in France.

What to do

The distinct landscapes here grant authentic exploration. Unearth lush vegetation, gorgeous beaches and a mysterious and wild coast. Roam picturesque French Basque villages, boasting raw and rustic charm. Savour abundant Michelin-starred venues, promising divine settings as well as cuisine. Akelarre, Arzak, Nerua and Mugaritz are all fine choices, though there are plenty of ambient options that’ll dazzle and impress.

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