Delectable Venice Tasting Tour


Step into the ripe world of Venetian flavour, as you roam the City of Water beside a fellow foodie. Your comrade is equipped with a delectable list of great bars. His suggestions blend traditional cuisine with modern takes, resulting in a sensory journey full of surprise.

Your tasting tour begins at a rustic Bacari, an ancient tavern believed to honour Bacchus, the god of wine. Here you will sample vintage pleasures from a Goto, the name given to a classical glass. As you drink like a local and sample regional specialties, your appreciation for Italian culture deepens. You relish the dolce vita way of life.

At each new spot, distinct plates arrive. They consist of mouth watering cicchettis, complemented by fresh fish, different types of hams and a mix of savoury sauce. Cheese platters are served next, combined with fragrant jams and warm crisp bread. Every bite is a piece to the town’s port history, paired with enriching interactions and riveting canal views.

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