Chile is an expression of nature on a mammoth scale. Just don’t come for a simple one-stop holiday. Chile evokes adventure and you’ll return with stories your friends can’t possibly imagine.

Explore Chile

Sunbathe and ski on the same day. Cross ancient deserts and surf empty Pacific waves. Hike upon glaciers and kayak close to whales. Be lost in wonder on Easter Island. Golden beaches, soaring volcanoes, magical fjords, vineyards and forests…Chile has endless natural riches. It’s a long, thin and underrated country, a great addition to a multi-stop South America trip. And in Patagonia, Chile has one of the world’s final pure wildernesses.

Getting here and around

Fly into Santiago de Chile, from Madrid, Heathrow, Paris or Barcelona. Chile is 6500 kilometres long and only 100 kilometres wide. A few good destinations around Santiago are connected by road, for everywhere else you need to fly.

Climate & seasons

Patagonia is Chile’s premier highlight so most trips are timed around the long days of Patagonian summer, from November to February. March is okay as well. Most of the rest of Chile has nice weather all year around, with ski season from June to August. So for March to October travel you could combine Chile with destinations like Argentina, Brazil and Peru.

Where to go

Fly to Santiago and you can explore the city, mountains, lakes, vineyards and beaches, all in just a few days with amazing accommodation as well. To really explore Patagonia you’ll need at least a week. We love how tourism is developing in Chile with outstanding design lodges in highly wilderness areas. You don’t need to rough it to explore, even in wild places like the Atacama Desert, Easter Island and Torres del Paine.

What to do

This is a destination for being outdoors, whether it’s walking the vineyards, cruising with whales or hiking the mountains. Experiences can be tailored to every fitness level but if you prefer slow and very relaxed itineraries, Chile probably isn’t best for you. If you want to drive across salt flats, waddle alongside penguins, cycle, ski, horseback ride and climb, then you’ll find an outdoor paradise here.

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