A vast wilderness changing with the seasons, an icon of our transforming world. To visit the Arctic is to venture into the realms of beauty, silence, space and change.

Explore Arctic

From polar bears to dog sled rides, cruising through a sea of broken ice to sleeping beneath the northern lights, the High Arctic is a journey into our planet’s rarest and most extraordinary experiences. And it’s a destination that will be very different 20 years from now.

Getting here and around

There are generally two options. Base yourself in an Arctic destination, like Svalbard, Lapland or Greenland, destinations that are reachable on two-leg flights from most of Europe. Or an expedition cruise that tours different Arctic locations. Cruises can be a brilliant option because you visit places that are simply inaccessible by any other means. And you will also explore the land, including excursions by helicopter.

Best time to visit

The Arctic is defined by the sun. Summer is the time to explore, with 24 hours of daylight and relatively comfortable temperatures, all the way from April to August. Golden autumn and pink spring are stunning times to visit, when the temperatures remain mild in comparison to visiting Antarctica outside mid-summer. Polar night is challenging and only hardcore adventures are out in the High Arctic between November and February. However, this is a time for skiing, northern lights and other experiences in Lapland.

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Where to go

Large parts of Lapland are inside the Arctic Circle, where you experience true winter and can enjoy guaranteed snow for half the year. Finland has great ski resorts for families, while Sweden and Norway are good for experienced skiers. See also our dedicated pages for Norway, Finland and Sweden. Travel further north and you enter deeper wilderness areas, where it’s less about the exact destination and more about the feeling of adventure and discovery. Greenland is a natural marvel, although it can be challenging to visit, like Alaska and northern Canada. Svalbard, Norway, is the easiest destination for discovering the beauty of the High Arctic.

What to do

A dog sled ride across the wilderness to fish on a frozen lake. Sleeping in a glass igloo, beneath the northern lights. Meeting a reindeer herder. Snowy slopes for skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing. Taking a helicopter from your cruise ship to a vast ice sheet, where you set off hiking or mountain biking. A trip to the Arctic is mostly about outdoor experiences. Expect to create the only tracks in the snow and find yourself a new definition of tranquility. Note that although the Arctic has some exceptional wildlife, like whales and polar bears, Antarctica is a stronger choice for a wildlife-focused polar holiday.

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