Exclusive Heli-Hiking in the Dolomites


Discover the magic of the Dolomites, on a heli-hiking adventure to off-the-radar spots. From above, this mesmerising landscape unfolds itself luxuriously. Behold its full 90,000 acre glory, as you glide effortlessly over peaks and through the puff of clouds.

With thousands of trails winding through wild alpine meadows and evergreen woods, this majestic rugged skyline is a natural hiker’s dream. Enjoy exclusive helicopter transfers to a wealth of trekking points, where you will begin your exploration of this mountainous terrain. Uncover unique geology along your wanderings. Experience distinct cultures and languages throughout the trip, for this region is laced with the blend of Italian, Austrian and Ladin roots.

As you roam from valley to valley, towering summits and vast fields adorn these remote destinations further. They offer a dose of tranquility that strengthens one’s inner peace. And once you’ve had your fill of the day’s adventure, unwind in unique boutique stays scattered across the Dolomites, where delectable feasts assemble and rejuvenating treatments await.

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