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Bison herds roam across the great plains. Grizzly bears paw fish from icy rivers. Rocky mountains hide diverse wildlife and wild west towns delight in their dusty history. Wyoming is the least populated of all the states. It’s the real wild west and outlaw country, where the living pioneer past meets some staggering natural wonders. Most of Wyoming is backcountry and blissfully remote, most notably Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks. But it’s also one of the very best winter ski destinations as well.

Explore Wyoming

Jackson is the most convenient airport, as it’s close to the Teton Ranges, best skiing and best hotels. But note that cowboy country does not have international flight connections and getting here is not particularly fast. The highlight of going up to Yellowstone and other parts of Wyoming is a great American road trip.

Climate & seasons

The Wyoming ski season runs from late-November to early-April, with consistent powder days in Jackson Hole and across the peaks in Grand Targhee. Summer is the most popular time to visit though, for the crystal-clear lakes and warm days. Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks are open all year, but winters get cold and the days can be short.

Where to go

Wyoming is usually visited as part of a longer United States holiday, incorporating neighbouring western states like Utah and Montana as well. Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks are the two standout destinations, absolutely magnificent in terms of their scale, wildlife and natural beauty. Few wildernesses in the world can rival these. Skiing is centred around the upmarket town of Jackson Hole, but there are other smaller resorts as well.

What to do

You can still see cowboys on Wyoming’s great plains and exploring this tradition is part of the local experience. In small towns it feels like you’re frozen in a past time, whereas in the big national parks it feels as if you’ve been transported to an entirely new planet.

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