Stargazing & Candlelit Dinner above Cortina

You are cordially invited to catch a glimpse of the stars from a new lens, as you travel through the cosmos beside a native expert. The setting is an astronomical observatory high above Cortina d’Ampezzo. The mood is one of pure magic, as you spend your evening spotting constellations and getting personally acquainted with the sky.

Begin the experience by meeting a local astronomer. Together, take the cable car up to the secluded observatory, savouring the scenic vistas that come with this private ride. At the observatory, two large telescopes offering new perspectives await. Learn how to identify between planets and galaxies. Gain insight into your companion’s multifaceted field.

Each of his stories are filled with scientific fascination. Every snippet is a piece to the puzzle that is the milky way. Looking up at the vast heavens, it’s easy to feel small. Fortunately, a special candlelit dinner on the mountain comes next. Sample authentic specialties from the Ampezzo Valley. Relish the twinkle of a fateful starry night.

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