United Kingdom

A proud country of contrasts, where famous legends combine with lavish everyday experiences. Sure, the UK isn’t everybody’s cup of tea and it certainly has some faults. But what it does well, it does better than anywhere else.

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Escaping to a castle manor for a romantic royal weekend. Partying in East London’s popup bars. Getting lost upon mazy lanes of cobblestone and gothic spires. Afternoon tea, Scotch whisky, the crown jewels. Country pubs, literary trails, London’s icons and Scotland’s wild landscapes. The hotels are divine as well, an effortless immersion into a particular place and time, in a country where almost everything seems so iconic.

Getting here and around

There are direct flight connections galore into the UK. High-speed rail connects major cities and usually beats the roads, which aren’t much fun unless you’re in rural Scotland. British cities are not that big and relatively easy to navigate - you’ll be surprised at how many famous places Central London packs into a pretty small area.

Climate & seasons

Perhaps the most famous weather in the world, for the wrong reasons. The British climate is laughed at but it’s not that terrible. Plus, when the sun does shine there’s a party atmosphere on the streets and in the parks. Our advice - never rely on the weather. If something in your trip is weather dependent do it early, so you have backup days. April to September is more enjoyable than winter, as milder weather and long days mean you spend more time exploring. August can be very crowded with domestic tourists, so try to make your trip in July if you’re with the kids.

Where to go

The UK is actually four countries, but not all live up to our standards for accommodation (sorry Wales). Plus Northern Ireland is better combined with the Republic of Ireland. With its magnificent hotels and innumerable things to do, London is among the world’s most visited cities. If your trip is more than a long weekend, then definitely make time to explore the rest of England, like Bath, Oxford, Canterbury, Windsor, along with sublime country estates. Scotland can easily be a standalone trip, for three days or two weeks. But easy transport connections also mean it’s comfortably combined with London or England.

What to do

So much of the British experience starts from your hotel. This is the country where you splurge, because the best hotels are outstanding and when it’s raining you want an awesome pad. Whether a stately house, city hotel or castle, it’s a base for exploring and experiencing. There’s the historical angle, a millennia of tradition and style from dungeons to manors to galleries. Countryside pleasures can dominate the program across England and Scotland. Follow Shakespeare, the Beatles, Henry VIII, Robert the Bruce, Beatrix Potter and so many more. Golf, football, whisky, real ale, countless museums and flying a WWII fighter jet. And don’t discount the food either, it’s massively improved from the tired stereotype. The list doesn’t end, so whatever your image of the UK, there’s something special waiting.

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