Forget what you know from Narcos or the news. Colombia is a very safe and welcoming nation, where the highlights are still authentic rather than touristic.

Explore Colombia

Chic cities of colour and cobblestone. Caribbean islands unbeknown to the world. Private haciendas on lush coffee plantations. Plus the Amazon Rainforest, spectacular colonial towns, and the vibrancy of a country on the way up. Colombia is a country for explorers, where you go from beach to rainforest, highlands to cities.

Getting here and around

Fly to Bogota via Madrid, Paris or Amsterdam. Madrid also offers connections to Medellin. We recommend local flights to get around, because Colombia is deceptively big. From Bogota and Medellin you can also fly to other South American destinations, like neighbouring Ecuador or Peru.

Climate & seasons

With mountains, jungle, Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, Colombia has many microclimates in one. December to March is said to be the best time to go as these are the driest months, but we don’t agree. We think the best time to go is soon, before Colombia changes too much and becomes touristic.

Where to go

Cartagena is a trendy colonial town on the coast and gateway to exploring more of the Caribbean. Up in the Highlands you relax in Colombia’s Coffee Triangle, not far from Medellin, one of the world’s most creative and transformed cities. Fly south to the Amazon. Or contrast charming Cali with old-world Villa de Leyva. Five-star accommodation options are increasing rapidly and there’s already a great collection of small, boutique and owner-operated properties.

What to do

You can easily spend a month in Colombia and want to stay longer. It’s a big country and the biggest highlight is the diversity of experience. Hideaway on a Caribbean island. Walk to lost pre-Incan ruins. Discover Colombia from the 16th-century or dance cumbia and salsa in the cities. Hike, bike, taste, cruise, and love how real and undiscovered it all feels.

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