Immersive Sardinia Horse Riding Tour


Picture yourself perched on a noble steed, gentle and magnificent. From the vantage point of the route you’re on, the landscapes of Sardinia stretch out gloriously. You are surrounded by the calls of nature and pristine hills, painted in multiple shades of green.

Savour a bespoke introduction into Sardinia’s unique equestrian world, as you journey through wetlands, quaint villages and the island’s picturesque coast. Your furry companion trots along leisurely, at a pace that’s pleasurable and relaxed. After a while you pause the excursion, and sit down to enjoy lunch amid undiscovered terrain.

This is a scenic riding experience, designed by experts of the sport. They share your passion for adventure and thirst to explore, thus these 4-6 hour itineraries are carefully curated with an emphasis on total immersion. The exact length of the tour depends on the trail selected. But rest assured, each offers enough marvel for beginners and experienced riders alike.

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