The Most Stylish Hotel in Asia?

Arnaud Zannier may just have opened Asia’s most stylish hotel and you could be one of the first ever guests. 

International flights to Vietnam are set to resume between January and March 2022. And this hotel’s remote location will keep you far from any crowds. 

On a remote peninsula nobody has heard about, close to fishing villages and wilderness, Zannier quietly brought his signature style to a new destination. Zannier Bai San Ho opened in December 2020 with 73 free-standing villas. But Vietnam didn’t reopen, so this brand new property still awaits its first European guests. 

We’ve followed Arnaud Zannier since he opened Phum Baitang in Cambodia, near Siem Reap. It became Angelie Jolie’s home for a few months when she was directing First They Killed My Father. He then opened Omaanda in Namibia’s desert, further showcasing his ability to build five-star accommodation from local architectural principles. 

Zannier Bai San Ho takes this concept further. Paddy Field Villas resemble traditional Vietnamese fisherman’s huts, including reclaimed wood floors. Hill Pool villas Borrow are based on local Ede architecture and are fashioned like traditional longhouses. Beach Pool Villas are in the building style of nearby Cham fishermen. 

So three Vietnamese architectural styles, complemented by modern traveller vibes. Sepia-toned bliss, hints of Mexico, cues from old-world China, four-poster beds, swimming pools hidden in the forest, and very contemporary bathrooms. 

When Angelie Jolie stays in a hotel for a month it’s in nearly every showbiz and travel magazine. What’s so cool about Bai San Ho is that nobody knows about it…yet.

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