Bulgari Paris Just Opened – We Checked it Out

Last week the Bulgari Paris opened its doors on Avenue George V. It’s the seventh five-star hotel from the jewellery brand and we simply had to check it out.

As we expected, it’s very chic, very opulent, and much closer to Italy than France. It’s instantly eye-catching and it couldn’t be any more different from the Four Seasons George V, which is literally just across the road. If you love Paris for old-world charm then we wouldn’t recommend Bulgari Paris.

Be the First to Experience It

They call it Roman Renaissance meets contemporary Parisian design. Or something like that – it’s hard to remember the exact words when you’re so taken aback by the design. There’s no question that Bulgari Paris is the newest status symbol in the City of Lights (scroll all the way down to see the penthouse!). This is the entrance:

Overall, the 19 rooms and 57 suites are quietly impressive rather than over the top. Details are important here, like the etched serpents perched on the big bathtubs. In many ways the hotel is like a Bulgari handbag: attention grabbing from the outside, cosy and comfortable on the inside. Like luxury handbags, there’s also a big difference between entry level and one of a kind (in quality and price).

These are photos from Bulgari Paris rooms.

Junior suites are bigger and start from €1400 per night. Velvet and silk line the walls but we still wouldn’t call them a statement, even if they come with a dedicated butler.

Deluxe and executive suites are vastly superior, especially with a terrace overlooking the heart of Paris, and a minibar disguised as a travel trunk.

Then it’s the Bulgari penthouse and four Bulgari suites that best capture the status of staying in Paris’s hottest new property. These are the suites (we’re saving the penthouse for later – you’ll be amazed!):

Despite the central city location, Bulgari Paris has been designed as a hotel you don’t want to leave. As with all Bulgari hotels, it was designed by the Antonia Citterio Patricia Viel group of architects. Interestingly, architect Flaviano Capriotti is famous for Bulgari but also renovates small boutique hotels, such as Faloria Mountain Spa in the Italian Dolomites (where a stay is less than a third of the price as Bulgari Paris).

Back in Paris, the lounge continues the homely ambiance. The bar is inspired by an Yves Saint Laurent music room (we’re told), although it still feels like just another hotel bar, in a city where there are so many bars to discover. In a small interior garden, the unimaginatively named iL Ristorante is led by three-Michelin-star chef Niko Romito. It’s Italian, so very much Bulgari, rather than French. We didn’t eat there so we can only share photos of the empty restaurant. While Bulgari does feel homely, we think it’s important to remember your explorer mindset in Paris – there’s more to do beyond your hotel (but perhaps not if you have the penthouse).

Now the underground spa, which is spacious and showy, with Paris’s longest indoor pool. There’s the signature Bulgari chic but it does feel a little cold, probably because it’s so spacious. The design is centred upon ensuring guests can maintain some privacy while using the shared facilities. No cameras are allowed inside but we do have a few photos.

Finally the penthouse. And this is probably the most elite place to stay anywhere in Europe right now. They call it a hidden gem. Well, there’s nothing hidden. Firstly, on one of Paris’s most famous streets, the penthouse measures over 300 square metres. Two floors are connected by a spiral staircase and huge windows provide endless views over Paris. There’s lots of marble in the bathroom and space to entertain.

It’s a showpiece, show-off place to stay, topped off by the enormous and private rooftop garden. Walking on the roof of your penthouse, overlooking Paris, is a surreal experience. One night starts at a massive €35,000 and we’re told it’s booked up for most of 2022 already. Hey, if you want the signature piece from a jewellery-hotel brand you should expect it to be expensive and rare.

What impressed us most overall is the sense of space and silence. Of course Bulgari Paris has its exterior sparkles, but like wearing the very best jewellery, there’s a personal warmth that comes with the experience. To our knowledge Bulgari Paris has yet to receive any Czech guests

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