Alphonse Island Seychelles

Rustic, somewhat rough accommodation, on a remote and hard to reach archipelago. Complemented by some of the world’s best marine experiences. Unparalleled for fishing and diving.

Stay at Alphonse Island

Scuba diving at Alphonse Island

Nature dominates at Alphonse Island. Turquoise waters wrap gently around your bare feet. Slithers of white sand await. Tropical colours delight the imagination. It’s silent, not another soul in sight. It’s remote, one of the most remote island experiences anywhere in the Indian Ocean. And you are here to explore. Scuba diving, fly fishing, snorkelling, turtle nesting, kayaking on the edge of the world and discovering places that will probably be under the water 20 years from now. For this, a stay on Alphonse Island is unbeatable.


72 islands make up the Seychelles' distant outer islands. Most are merely tropical sandbanks, cast adrift in the vast Indian Ocean. The largest is Alphonse, a one-hour flight from Mahe. Astove Coral House and Cosmoledo Eco-camp are a further two hours away by plane. You simply can’t get more remote than this, so be prepared to trade some of your luxuries for the wild experience.


Alphonse Island consists of three different properties. They are far from the most luxurious properties in the Seychelles and we definitely don’t recommend them if you expect the highest quality accommodation. However, it is comfortable and the luxury is in the experience here. Alphonse Island is open year-round and has a mid-sized lodge. We recommend going for a suite on the beach with a private plunge pool, or a four-bedroom villa for families. Astove Coral House is a vintage plantation home with only six double bedrooms. Cosmoledo Eco-Lodge offers rustic eco pods in a wild environment. These two properties operate from November to April.

Who is it for

This sustainable and experiential offering is completely different to most other Seychelles resorts. So if you want a holiday safari in the middle of an ocean, with nothing but nature all around, this is the place. Just be prepared to forgo a few luxuries.

Facilities & activities

The best scuba diving and snorkelling in the Seychelles. The best fly fishing in the world. Opportunity to kayak and paddleboard to deserted sandbanks. Nature is the world-class amenity here, including turtle nesting, sand dunes and mangroves. Don’t expect the usual resort amenities like a great spa, because that’s not why you stay here.

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