Emirates Palace

Ever wanted to live like a king or queen? Well, now you can. This is as close to living in a royal palace as you will find anywhere on earth. The Emirates Palace Hotel drips with opulence and decadence. A stay here is not for everyone. If you don’t like the bling factor turned up to 11 then maybe look elsewhere.

Stay at Emirates Palace

Home to the world’s largest unsupported dome and coated in enough gold to blind a visiting king or queen – many of whom stay here on their trips to the UAE – the Emirates Palace Hotel sits on an expansive mile-long private beach and more than earns its enviable place next door to the Presidential Palace. The stately eight-story design combines Islamic architectural elements of balance and geometry alongside modern touches such as helipads and state-of-the-art technology. Then for good measure the entire place has been coated in 6,000 square meters of 22-karat gold leaf. This is opulence on an unimaginable level. Ever wondered what it would be like to be royalty for a day? Well, wonder no more.


The Emirates Palace sits in a prime spot of beachfront real estate at the western end of the famous Abu Dhabi Corniche, right next door to the Presidential Palace. Just 40 minutes drive from the airport.


394 rooms. All differing levels of sumptuous and all decorated in marble and gold. The Pearl rooms have a sea view while the Coral rooms look toward the courtyard. The suites come with whirlpool baths and a lounge. The top floor Ruler’s Suites are reserved for visiting members of the UAE royal family.

Who is it for

Suitable for families or couples. Anyone who likes things as grand and opulent as possible. The hotel is larger than Buckingham Palace and has more gold leaf too. It is safe to say this is not a place for someone looking for a boutique or intimate stay.

Facilities & activities

Extensive. A private marina. An expansive private beach. Two gorgeous pool areas. An impressive spa offering 24-karat gold facials and boasting its own Turkish Hamman. A dozen bars and restaurants, a number of which serve the hotel’s signature 24-karat camel burger.

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