Grand Hotel Park Rovinj

The best option in Rovinj and the entire Istria peninsula, above average for Croatia in general. A great spa and convenient for sailing adventures but the lack of direct beach access may put a few off.

Stay at Grand Hotel Park

The gentle clinking of masts floating up from the marina below, echoed by the clinking of glasses from champagne glasses on the terrace. The still waters of the infinity pool rhyming with the shimmering bay ahead. The extensive use of wood mirroring the Aleppo Pines that neighbour the property.A lot of thought and attention has been devoted to the terraced design of the Grand Park Hotel, sure it's big – and comes with all the amenities and services you’d expect from a 200-room hotel – but it sits well amongst the ancient trees that surround it. It’s hard to miss but yet harmonious. Plus, it’s got that romance-dripping view ahead of ancient Rovinj. Bliss.


Across the marina from cobbled streets of Old Town Rovinj, 10-minute stroll one way to Rovinj harbour and 10 minutes wander the other to the pebbly beach of Mulini. Around a 40 minute drive to Pula Airport.


209 rooms and suites, all with a contemporary design. Premium rooms and above have delicious polished concrete floors and walls, while the Deluxe rooms come with a covered terrace and outdoor hot tub, what better way to watch the sun falling over the rooftops of Rovinj Old Town.

Who is it for

A great option for couples and families who want the amenities of a big high-end hotel but want easy access to a romantic and charming ancient town or close proximity to a marina.

Facilities & activities

Don’t worry if the short walk to the cafes and restaurants of Rovinj sounds too much like hard work, the Grand Park has four restaurants, two bars and a patisserie onsite. Up to the rooftop, Albaro Wellness & Spa boasts a “Thermal Zone” and a 50metre indoor/outdoor pool. Leave the little ones at the Kids’ Club while you indulge. Easy boat trips to Sveta Katerina and Sveti Andrija.

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