Soneva Secret Opens

A mysterious and hyper exclusive private island resort just opened in the Maldives. Welcome to Soneva Secret.

With just 14 villas it’s the most boutique of all the resorts in the Maldives. And with Soneva’s pioneering approach to both luxury and sustainbility, this is a secret you really should know about.

The Only Resort in the Haa Dhaalu Atoll

Soneva Secret

300 kilometres north from Malé, some 75 minutes by seaplane, lies an untouched atoll where dolphins and whales pass by.

Built sustainably on an exquisite natural island, Soneva Secret is the first and only resort in the Maldives’ most remote atoll.

You don’t see other islands or boats. Or even people. This isn’t the resort to be seen, it’s the resort for people who want to escape everything else.

Soneva Secret – Dolphins in the Lagoon. Photo by Aksham Abdul Gadhir for Soneva

Re-defining Luxury in the Maldives

Soneva has long pioneered new definition of luxury in the Maldives. When Soneva Fushi opened in 1995 it had the country’s first ever spa.

You’ve probably seen the first Maldivian villas with water slides at Soneva Jani. Or heard about Flying Sauces at Soneva Fushi, the world’s first fine-dining zipline experience.

Castaway, at Soneva Secret, is the Maldives’ first ever fully floating villa. All the island’s 14 villas have retractable roofs, for sleeping directly beneath the stars.

For almost 30 years, Soneva has introduced ideas and concepts that have become the expected norm across the Maldives. At Soneva Secret they’re making luxury more private, natural and personalised.

Soneva Secret Beach Hideaway. Photo by Sandro Bruecklmeier for Soneva.

What Soneva Secret Offers

We love how secretive it all is. Most new resorts spend big on PR and marketing, promising all the riches and choices they will offer.

Soneva Secret remains low key and…well, secretive.

This is not a resort where you look at an endless menu. Soneva founder Sonu Shivdasani believes we all have to make enough choices in our everyday lives.

At Soneva Secret, each villa has a barefoot guardian, barefoot assistant and barefoot chef, creating a completely bespoke level of service.

Every guest program is individually curated and can continually evolve with your island experience.

Just take the dining possibilities as an example. Lunch created by your private chef, in your villa, or anywhere around the atoll. Or dining at a castaway tower and observatory, accessible only by zipline. Dining barefoot on a virgin beach or picnicking on a deserted shore.

Or consider the marine experiences. Snorkelling and scuba diving are different out here: you can be among the first to discover the reefs, far far away from crowded and known locations elsewhere in the Maldives.

Just imagine swimming with manta rays, whale sharks and dolphin pods…who are not used to daily human contact and swimmers.

Turtle in the Sunlight. Photo by Fabio Giungarelli for Soneva.

Soneva Secret Just Opened

Soneva Secret officially opened just a few days ago. We will be making our personal inspection soon.

This is Soneva’s third Maldivian resort and it could be the most boutique, remote and individualised in the entire archipelago.

The villas look superb, each with its own massage room and fitness room, with a master suite and adjoining bedroom for children or friends. They are for two people, two plus two kids, or potentially four adults. Of course all the villas feature private pools.

Some villas are scattered along the beach and others are over the water, accessible only by boat rather than a walkway. This is an indication into the privacy Soneva Secret provides.

A villa over the water. Photo by Bruno Aveillan for Soneva.

This new island resort will suit both couples and families. It is created for discerning travellers who demand tranquillity, service and exclusivity.

Right now, it’s also for people who want to be among the first.

As a brand, Soneva helped make the Maldives as a destination. They’ve created a new concept that will keep the Maldives fresh as a destination.

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