Psst…Want to See an Undiscovered Part of Mexico

Wild Pacific beaches meet thick jungle. Wildlife calling from the trees. It’s exotic, as you escape into the biodiversity and culture of another world. But also comfortably close. Welcome to Mexico. Welcome to something unexpected.

Four Seasons have a new property, on a private peninsula on Mexico’s Pacific coast. It’s the best of Mexico and you can be among the first guests.

Welcome to an undiscovered part of the world. Do you know Mexico’s Pacific Coast?

Pacific Mexico vs Caribbean Mexico

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts now bring their signature style to one of the world’s most underrated destinations. If you’ve never been to Mexico it’s maybe because you’ve heard about Cancun, Mexico’s most famous destination. An overcrowded, mass tourism hangout that was cool about 750 years ago. Correction, actually, it’s never been cool.

There are some amazing resorts elsewhere on Mexico’s Riviera Maya. For example, try this Yucatan adventure at Chable Maroma and Chable Yucatan. We’re also big fans of Rosewood Mayakoba and Hotel Esencia Tulum, authentic properties so different to the nearby Cancun vibe.

But we’ll let you into an open secret – Mexico’s Pacific Coast is what’s hot. Sure, it takes longer to get there from Europe. But there’s so much more space and beauty. The vibe is different there. There’s more to explore.

Four Seasons Tamarindo has three private beaches. Ready to explore?

Introducing Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo

Ready to Explore Mexico?

At Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo you really feel the space. The best resorts on the Caribbean side have a private beach. Out on the other coast, this new resort has three private beaches. Plus inspiring cliffside views of the Pacific Ocean, and a thick jungle backdrop.

It’s built on a huge plot of protected forest, where only 2% of the land can or will be built. This is real back to nature vibes, with 40 kilometres of trails just within the resort’s boundaries.

Unlike in Cancun, nature still dominates here. Looking for a serene holiday?

The 157 rooms have the brand’s signature touch. If you like Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts you’ll love this place. There’s all the comfort and contemporary finishes, just in a very exotic and foreign location. You get nature, luxury, beach holiday and exotic Mexico all in one.

Of course it still feels like the Four Seasons, reassuringly so.

Your Holiday in Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo

Imagine holidaying in a private reserve with 70 endemic species. Where the beaches are without footprints. Where you have both authentic Mexico and the comforts of home.

Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo opens in the middle of 2022 and you can be among its very first guests.

This can be your next holiday. Ready?

There are direct flights to Manzanillo-Costalegre International Airport (ZLO) from Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas and Mexico City. Yes, it can take long to get there. But once you visit Mexico’s Pacific Coast, you will be back. And we can’t wait to see our first Czech clients discovering the unexpected over there.

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