VOMO Island Fiji

Stepan Borovec

Chief Private Consultant
"One of the largest private island retreats anywhere, Vomo is an excellent family resort, where there’s a lot for everyone to do. The villas are a little small and it’s not the most romantic place, but it’s superb for entertaining adults and children alike. "

Stay at VOMO

How do you imagine a tropical island paradise? Maybe a five-kilometre-long beach of white sand. With crystal clear waters. And a rugged jungle interior. It has to be far away and there can only be one resort, for tranquillity needs to reign supreme. What else? Well, that’s where Vomo Island is so unique.This is both the postcard of tropical island bliss and a place where every age can be entertained. Once a private retreat for tribal chiefs, Vomo was previously home to a disappointing and shabby Sheraton. It’s been revitalised with a new chic set of villas, plus a superb range of amenities and activities for children. The villas are a little small and lack private pools, but everything else about this family resort is very good.


Vomo really is cast adrift, one island separated from the rest of the Mamanucs islands. From Nadi it’s easiest to travel by helicopter, but you can also arrive by boat.


The new villas have plenty of modern luxuries and are all standalone, but we do wish they’d be more generous in size. Hillside villas have spectacular views while others are on the beachfront. For a private pool you’ll need to upgrade to one of the residences.

Who is it for

Families. Vomo Island doesn’t just have a kids’ club. It has an entire children’s village, where those aged three to 12 can be entertained and fed from 9am to 9pm. Baby butlers are available for younger ones and the villas are designed with family needs in mind. Parents have plenty of things to do when their kids are elsewhere.

Facilities & activities

On such a large island the idea is to spend a lot of the day away from your villa. Obviously the children’s village is the big appeal. For adults there’s a golf course, hikes, yoga deck, kayaking, scuba diving, hiking Mt. Vomo and a small spa. The gastronomy is also very good and for families we usually recommend the all-inclusive holiday package.

Enjoy your stay at VOMO

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