Maslina Resort Symbolises a New Way to Travel in Croatia

Summer 2022. A time for fresh starts. A time for a new type of tourism? This is definitely what is needed in Croatia. That’s why we love Maslina Resort on Hvar Island. This hideaway may change your perceptions about the Croatia travel experience. Then again, this could be a little gem we all keep to ourselves.

A fresh way to look at Croatia’s famous coastline. Ready to explore?

Croatia is the modern home of unchecked mass tourism. Where millions swarm Dubrovnik’s walls, ignoring the real history because they care about King’s Landing and Red Keep from Game of Thrones. Where 20,000 daily cruise ship passengers are dumped into medieval cities with barely 2000 inhabitants.

At Maslina there’s a tranquility not often associated with travel in Croatia.

At Maslina you will find a different, more authentic Croatia. Something closer to trendier, more authentic Montenegro. On the waterside, in a sheltered bay near Stari Grad, Maslina blends into its island surroundings. Every room has a sea view and we love the pool panoramic suites, with their different decks and private heated pools. Olive trees, pines, an organic garden, plus chunks of rough island rock preserve a natural scene, even if the rooms are very contemporary in design.

The pool terrace at Maslina. It’s hard to imagine how close this is to Stari Grad and Hvar’s island bustle.

At this quiet sanctuary it’s hard to believe that Hvar’s Unesco-listed old city is just 25 minutes on foot. Not that you need to leave. There’s a beach and direct water access of course. Michelin-starred Serge Gouloumes is in the kitchen at this Relais & Chateaux property. Maslina has some premium wine experiences as well, on an island that’s been making wine since before GoT was even supposed to be set. With no fire-breathing dragons ruining the vines either.

Even the beach bar blends into nature. Is this your idea of Croatia?

Ready to Explore Croatia?

Get here via a 45 – 55-minute private boat transfer from Split. Or from a nearby island like Brac or Korcula. It’s 3h30 from Dubrovnik by boat.

All this and there are still the reasons so many people fell in love with Croatia in the first place. The breathtaking coastline and sense of discovery. A distinct atmosphere and experience, yet so close to home. Winding away a summer day in the sun on the Adriatic.

In this way it really feels like this is the Croatia of old. Yet Maslina is also showing that this can be the new Croatian holiday as well. The season starts May 1st 2022.

Ready to explore?

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