Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal

Stepan Borovec

Chief Private Consultant
"Service here is everything you’d expect from the likes of the Waldorf Astoria. Built straight into the side of Pedregal Mountain, the estate is very picturesque, though the design of the actual rooms is not as stand-out as those in other properties."

Stay at WA Pedregal

Picture yourself driving through a rock-carved, torch-lit tunnel. Suspense culminates as you reach the end. This is the unique wormhole that leads to the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos, a secluded haven sculpted into the mountain, positioned perfectly beside the sparkle of the sea.Stony cream shades complement this external azzure texture. Dessert hues follow as you stroll to the beach. This is where you decide to take your morning coffee. It’s also where you sip on champagne in the afternoon. Toes dipped in the sand, the reason to celebrate is simple; you’re floating on cloud nine after bespoke spa luxuriation. Finally, a sunset yacht cruise begins your evening, as you glide towards the glamour of Cabo San Lucas Marina.


Approximately 30 miles from Los Cabos International Airport, reaching the hotel takes a 45-minute drive. Once here, you will have the town of Cabo San Lucas at your doorstep, accessible via walk, taxi or partial golf cart.


This is a gorgeous 119-room property, with spacious stays offering ocean views and exclusive plunge pools. Ultra-luxe villas consisting of multiple bedrooms also feature, complete with charming butler service.

Who is it for

Children’s amenities are plentiful, with multi-room accommodation providing great options for families. Simultaneously, the resort knows a thing or two about romance, therefore couples and honeymooners too will be well-enamoured.

Facilities & activities

Facilities comprise four pools, including two infinity pools situated right on the beach. The beach itself is beautiful, though similar to most places in Los Cabos it is not particularly swimmable. Four restaurants, a state of the art fitness centre and stunning signature spa also adorn the retreat.

Enjoy your stay at WA Pedregal

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