A Journey through Ancient Olympia from Zakynthos


Experience the famed birthplace of the Olympic Games, on this immersive cultural tour away from the crowds. Guaranteed privacy and exclusive access combine, letting you enjoy these ancient sites in optimum seclusion.

Depart from your hotel by private speedboat, and spend an hour gliding over crystalline waves. During this time, the beaches of Peloponnese stretch before you. With horizons as picturesque as this, it’s easy to sundaze. Anchor at the port of Katakolo, and trade boat for a Mercedes Viano Extra Long VIP van.

Your swift new cruiser serenades you away, for the treasures of ancient Olympia still enticingly expect you. Within 30 minutes you will arrive at the Archaeological Museum, where artefacts lay in wait and history comes to life. Wander the temples of Zeus and Hera. Stroll the rustic stadium where the actual games took place, before a glamorous private transfer back to your accommodation.

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