Truffle Hunting & Culinary Experience


Relish the thrills of an authentic Cretan hunt, as you join forces with a professional truffle hunter and his expertly trained dogs. Immerse yourself in pristine nature. Learn the secret history behind the trade, as you absorb the quiet beauty of the pristine hills that surround.

The entire experience will span approximately 8 hours. It begins with a personalised hotel pick up and organic breakfast in the picturesque Lassithi Plateau. Next, your private chauffeur and guide transports you to the folds of the Dikti Mountain range, where the elusive truffle search will officially commence.

Arrive at a traditional Cretan tavern shortly after, for it is here that lunch and an intimate wine tasting awaits. A local custodian takes you through ancient recipes and island secrets, while you prepare your collected truffles to be featured in the meal. The conversation is warm and the ambiance intimate, as you share stories and laughs over a bountiful, fresh feast.

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