Fishing from your own Private Cruise

From the comfort of your private cruise, the ocean becomes your personal backyard. Dive into this aquatic playground. Learn more about the sea creatures that inhabit the vibrant depths below, on this thrilling fishing excursion with a local expert.

A choice of exclusive cruises means you can select the level of indulgence that suits. Immerse yourself in the watery way of life, as you familiarise yourself with the fishing equipment provided. Try your hand at hooking the bait onto the rod. Swing the rod into the waves and the chase officially begins.

The surrounding area is home to an array of swimmers. From local fish like grouper and swordfish, to more exotic kinds, this pool is bountful but the mystery’s part of the fun. A sudden tug leads to smug anticipation. Relish the pure joy that comes with your first catch. Mark the occasion even further, as talented chefs turn your haul into a cherishable meal.

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