Savour the Flavours of Athens


A sensory indulgence of authentic Greek flavours awaits, on this tasty tour through the heart of Athens. The city’s food scene is one of spirit and tradition. Join a connoisseur, and shop like the locals. Discover organic ingredients and fresh produce behind every turn.

Your culinary journey will last 4 hours. Within this time, each individual activity will be catered entirely to you. Tailor your itinerary to suit personal tastes, whether that’s browsing through Athens Central Market beside a local expert, or uncovering culinary secrets in the company of a native chef. This is a hearty excursion through ancient palates. Unlock centuries-old recipes, tricks and well-seasoned scents.

Dynamic cooking workshops can also be arranged, as talented artisans take you through their trade. Finally, end your bespoke adventure with an intimate meal, as you sit down together and savour your homemade feast. Share laughs and anecdotes alongside each bite, as gastronomic pleasures entwine with the Greek way of life.

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