Crete Private Yacht Cruises

A luxury yacht experience awaits you, as you are welcomed onto your own private Crete cruise. Glide along glistening waters. Let the light sea breeze ruffle and refresh. From hidden coves and beaches, to intimate dining on board, there is much to marvel at and explore. For this is Greek island hopping with an opulently personalised twist.

Your voyage can be done as a day trip, or last longer on a multi-day tour. The yacht itself is equipped with a range of watersports, and specific preferences or bespoke requests are always welcomed. Customise the sailing route and your entire itinerary. Submit to the pleasure of aquatic thrills, as the ocean becomes your very own private playground.

These action-packed days are followed by romantic evenings out on the deck. Revel in the magic of an authentic Mediterranean sail, as you share a drink with that special someone watching the sun set behind a milky mirage of waves.

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