Knossos Palace & Local Experiences

Wrap yourself in the joys of Cretan culture, with this immersive full day trip through time. From the comfort of your own chauffeur-driven tour, discovering the spoils of this ancient civilisation becomes effortless. A range of archaeological sites, gastronomic surprises and expansive country scenes await.

The entire excursion will take 8 hours, and can begin at a time of your choosing. It includes a private guided tour of Knossos Palace, home to the tale of King Minos and the Minotaur. Gain exclusive access to historic corners. Unravel the secrets behind this legendary piece of land. The pristine landscapes of the winery of Boutari extend a flavourful welcome next. Indulge in a vintage tasting at this award-winning estate, followed by a delectable lunch in the quaint village of Argyroupolis.

Further wanderings to Melidoni Cave and village visits housing ancient baths, basilicas and mosaics complete the trip. Relish in the authenticity as you conclude this multifaceted journey into local life.

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