Immersive Meteora Tour with Heli Flight from Athens


Embark on a helicopter ride from Athens, and arrive in Meteora in true style. Discover the surreal landscapes this stunning UNESCO site has to offer. The rock formations here are utterly unique. Insider knowledge from your native companion and guide means you can expect the best of the best when it comes to viewpoints and photo stops.

The 7-hour adventure begins at Athens International Airport, where you will climb aboard your private chopper and take to the skies. Fluffy clouds disperse around you. The marvelous Greek horizons effortlessly stretch. Exclusivity, comfort and a customised tour, a transfer as deluxe as this comes with all these perks and more.

Once at Meteora, a Mercedes minibus will whisk you away. The rock-carved monasteries are in a no-fly zone, but there’s nothing stopping you from exploring these marvels on foot. To enter, sleeved clothing and bottoms below the knee are a must. Immerse yourself in these rustic houses of worship. Learn the ancient story of how they came to be. This is a tailor-made road trip to remote holy landmarks. Any special requests are within reach.

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