West Crete Tour

Your rendezvous in West Crete begins in the village of Margarites. Discover ancient pottery traditions. Stroll through old and narrow streets, letting stone-built houses and the authenticity of long-worn paths transport you back in time.

This is a luxury chauffeur tour granting privacy and spirit, with a local guide that adds anecdotes and plenty of quirky facts. Another native companion you will meet is Giorgos, who, in a modern workshop gallery in Keramion will introduce you to ceramic art. Try your hand at Minoan practises. Use clay, water and fire to amalgamate your design.

Cypress trees and olive groves stream past, as you head to the Arkadi Monastery next. Explore the site’s origins and get acquainted with the monks. Then, head south towards Amari Valley to traverse the mighty Patsos Gorge. Revel in the seclusion of your hidden lunch spot, while you dig in beside the songs of a stream. Quench replenished, the journey continues. Fragrant Botanic parks, Venetian fountains and Arab minarets in the city of Rethymno still await.

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