Enjoy Truffle Hunting & Lunch in Meteora

Try your hand at truffle hunting the Meteoran way. In the company of a local truffle hunter and his dogs, the experience doesn’t get more immersive than this. The forests nearby are a pleasure to explore. Roam them in search of hidden native mushrooms, as you take in the sights and sounds of glorious Mother Nature.

This is a 4-hour excursion with experts in the field. Your private tour into one of Greece’s gastronomic treasures will begin in the morning. A tasting and truffle-pasta lunch after the hunt also awaits. Sample authentic recipes beside a professional chef. Together, unravel the history behind these tastes.

The quality of truffles here will no doubt stick out. They are rich and organic in all the best ways. Uncover a secret side to this sought-after delicacy, as you enjoy laughs and drinks with your fellow foodies. And should you wish to delve even deeper, a stop at the Museum of Natural History and Mushroom Museum are also on the cards.

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