East Crete off the Beaten Track

Let the secrets of East Crete unravel before you, on this delightfully raw excursion off the beaten track. Revel in the serenity that comes with seclusion, for these are pristine sites away from the crowds. Unkempt roads lead to unspoiled landscapes. Roam this dazzling region with the wealth of knowledge that comes with a local guide.

From the comfort of your luxury chauffeured ride, exploring feels easy. Start the adventure with a visit to a storied Byzantine Monastery. Next, village-hop and become acquainted with the warm natives that tend the land. An intimate lunch fusing the flavours of Cretan cuisine follows, and hikes through the Minoan forested mountains, to natural water springs and across the ancient Sarakina gorge are all on the cards.

Tailor your 8-hour tour to suit your individual interests. Enjoy a bespoke itinerary crafted just for you. And on the drive back, take in the sun as it dips into the sea. Bask in the warmth of soothing Libyan waters. It’s never too late for a spontaneous swim.

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