Discover the Saronic Islands from Luxury Yacht

The great islands of the Saronic Gulf are full of wild beauty and steeped in charm. As you depart from Athens, prepare to relinquish all stresses and give in to vivid coastal scenes. Drift your way to Hydra, Poros and more, where pristine shores and rustic towns await.

For this is a superb sailing experience, full of multifaceted stops. There are enough sites in the itinerary to last a week-long charter, however the journey can also be adapted to fit a few days. Choose from an array of yachts that each carry their own indulgence. At your command, a full crew and quality chefs can be there waiting to welcome you aboard.

Customise your cruise to suit your preference. Whether it’s the waterfront villages of quaint Hydra, or the unspoiled atmosphere emitted from Aegina, there is something for everyone and no two days are the same. Explore the ancient histories of these seafront settlements. Or take the afternoon off and opt for a crystalline dip. Breathe in the pleasures of watery Greece, as you relish in the serenity of infinite ocean views.

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