Athens by Air

Take to the skies over ancient Athens, on a helicopter ride that’ll sweep you off your feet. As you soar through the clouds, the city unfolds below like an aged eternal playground. Glide over storied streets and rugged hills. Spot the famed structures and varied landmarks. Revel in the authenticity of this enriching new lens.

Your aviation journey begins and ends in Athens airport. Choose from multiple routes and personalise the flight. Options include a 35-minute ride over Athens, or 60 minutes over Athens and Aegina island. Alternatively, you can opt for an hour-long trip over Athens and its coastal Riviera, where Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon rise up majestically.

Twin-engine choppers such as the Eurocopter AS355N come highly recommended. From above, connections between past and present become effortlessly clear. Sit back and absorb the beauty of timeless Greece, on a raw private tour away from the crowds.

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