Savour the Magic of Zakynthos on this Island Tour

A private island tour through gorgeous Zakynthos expects you. Give in to pristine beaches and the soothing lull of the waves. Enjoy ancient sites and villages away from the masses. Create a bespoke itinerary that is entirely unique to you.

The island’s capital is typically a good place to start. From here, the Monastery of Saint Dionysios and Museum of esteemed poet Dionysios Solomos are but a meander away. Savour a dose of history at the Venetian Castle in Bochali next, before a secluded swim amongst caretta caretta turtles at the stunning Dafni beach.

These untouched shorelines provide ample chance to unwind. Meanwhile, wine enthusiasts will appreciate a tasting at one of several traditional estates. If it’s the culture that calls, then further museums and monasteries are exclusively accessible. And lastly, nature lovers in particular will relish a trip to Kambi, where sunsets emit magic and the ocean horizons go on.

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