The Rooster Wellness & Lifestyle Resort

Tomáš Safarik

Private Consultant
"A boutique retreat, hidden as a gem on a tiny and undeveloped Greek island. We love this new wellness resort, just 17 individual houses by the sea, each with a pool and lots of privacy. The Rooster is all about slowing down and feeling renewed, on a beautifully secluded island."

Stay at the The Rooster

Sultry mornings in a private garden. Waking up to the Aegean Sea. Hearing the soft sound of nearby waves. Forgetting about time. Disconnecting from everyday life. The Rooster is like a private island retreat you’d find in the Indian Ocean, but it’s a discreet hideaway on a Greek island that’s hardly known to tourism. It’s beautifully designed and offers remote solitude, perfect as a wellness destination when you want a holiday doing nothing at all. Not so good if you want to be active, have a choice of restaurants each evening, or a wide range of amenities.


Despite being one of the Cyclades islands, in the heart of the Aegean Sea, Antiparos has stayed well off the tourist radar. It’s a small and pristine island, dominated by nature and quiet beaches. Travel here on a private boat from another Cyclades island, such as Mykonos or Santorini. Or fly private jet to Paros and then it’s a short boat ride. Getting here can be a little time consuming, which is a drawback, but also preserves the island’s remote appeal.


Classic Cyclades architecture is brought into the 21st century here. The design is clean, spacious and soothing. All 17 houses come with a private garden, pool and feeling of solitude. You’ll get a lot more space here than at hotels on the better known islands.

Who is it for

There’s hardly anything happening on Antiparos Island, which will appeal to some. Come here for an extremely relaxed Greek holiday in the sun, away from all the bustle and famous sights. This typically favours couples, but if your family enjoys privacy and serenity then The Rooster is also a fine option.

Amenities & Activities

Come here to do nothing. Wander down to the beach, explore nature, disconnect from the noise of everyday life. There’s really not much to do, but there are many hidden spots around the property to sit back and enjoy life. The Rooster has a good restaurant and a House of Healing, a small wellness area with yoga, facials, massages and more (it’s not a typical spa).

Do you like The Rooster?

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