A Coastal Wine Tasting to Soothe & Unwind


Take a moment to picture yourself, lazing beneath a lush Myconian sky. The sun on your skin feels soothing. You are relaxed, caressed by gentle sea breezes and a fresh glass of quality wine. Now, why not turn this daydream into more than just a paradisiac thought?

Your vintage adventure will last approximately 2 hours. During this time, there is much to adore. From untold secrets into the traditions of local cultivation, to personalised exchanges with an expert sommelier, the atmosphere is light-hearted and the conversation warm.

These are rare wine varieties, not easy to come by. Every taste has a story. Discover the history embedded into each scent. Sip on an array of fragrant flavours, as you clink to good times and recline. The afternoon sunlight is glorious, and the coastal landscapes are one of a kind. Unwind against chic beach pillows, taking in the beauty as sky and sea combine.

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