A Private Cruise through Turtle island, Dafni & More


An exclusive journey through the shores of Greece awaits you, if you dare. These are pristine islands, with mesmerising coastlines. Each stop of the day comes with its own charm. The adventure is sun-kissed and the adrenaline never stops.

Your cruise begins at Porto Zante or another place of stay, where a private speedboat or motor yacht will collect you right from your resort’s beach. From here, stunning Marathonisi Island is a convenient 20-minute sail. Discover the endangered Caretta-Caretta turtles that roam these waters. Take an intimate swim beside these gentle sea reptiles.

The wild beauty of Dafni beach is next. Protected by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, this sandy stretch too is an important turtle nesting ground. Revel in the seclusion and bask beneath gold rays, for the raw and unspoiled atmosphere here is truly hard to beat. Your cruise can last anywhere from 3 to 8 hours. Base the decision entirely on your own preference and mood.

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