Big Game Fishing

Cruise the alluring waters of the Ionian Sea, where coastlines dazzle and the sealife is thriving. This is a fishing excursion full of immersion and tricks. Patience is key, but the prowess of a charming native companion certainly helps.

When it comes to big game fishing, early morning tours are typically recommended. Pick a time that suits between 7.00-9.00am, then set sail from your resort beach and enjoy the smooth feel of a timely tide. The ocean dances in unique ripples and waves. The sun, too, joins to wish you a sparkly bon voyage, as it glistens like liquid gold on the sea surface.

The trip itself can last up to 8 hours, but shorter tours are easily arrangable if that’s your preference. Try your hand at a trade that has passed the test of time, and revel in a catch of swordfish, barracuda and other aquatic gems. If you’re especially serious about the chase, then chartering a fishing boat is another tempting option. With it, the sport gets professional and the voyage more customised.

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